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Paw Patrol Boys Backpack

Kids Backpack. This handy bag features Marshall, Chase and Rubble from the hit Nickelodeon TV Show: . Ideal to use at school, on days out or for nights away. It has adjustable padded straps, a main zip closing compartment, a handy front pocket and side mesh pockets. Make every day a Pawesome one with this rucksack!


Paw Patrol Boys Backpack Backpacks

the former top gear host said: “kaleb i couldn’t have done this without you, you are the star of the show (apart from gerald).

“but what was great and i’m sure everyone in the room would say the same thing.

“every farm has a gerald, every farm has a charlie, every farm has a kevin, every farm has an ellen, every farm has a landowner and every farm has a kaleb.”

yesterday, jeremy’s farm shop instagram shared a behind the scenes snap of the pair as they headed to the awards.

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Paw Patrol Boys Backpack Backpacks


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