Wedding rituals add symbolism to your wedding ceremony.

Which of these wedding rituals resonate with you and your future together?

Wine Ceremony

Karen and Ed on 1/7/17
Karen & Ed Performing the Wine Ritual

Two different types of wine blend together to create a new wine. Wine can be both bitter and sweet, with a taste unique to each wine. The couple shares the glass of blended wine, representing that they will share the sweet and bitter moments in life together.

Sand Ceremony

Two small containers each contain a different color of sand and represent each partner. The couple pours their sand into a larger container and as the sand blends together, it symbolizes the blending of two lives. In addition, children can use additional colors of sand to represent the blending of two families. The new container is then displayed in your home.

Hand-fasting Ceremony

In this ceremony, a cord is used to gently tie the couple’s hands together, signifying the bond they will have through their life. During the ritual, the couple agrees to promises and many variations make this a truly unique ceremony.

Stone Blessing

The couple provides a bowl, vase or container that they will want in their home and they fill it with stones, glass beads, wine corks, or any other item that is unique to them. The guests each take an item and the officiant asks each guest to add their wish onto it during the ceremony. The couple places the items back in the container so they have a lasting memory of good wishes.

 Ring Warming Ceremony

The couple places their rings in a small pouch and the pouch passes through the guests. As each guest holds the rings, he/she offers a silent prayer, blessing or wish for the couple. As the couple wears the rings throughout their lives, they are surrounded by the wishes of those closest to them.


Hawaiian, Indian, Japanese, Jewish, Native American traditions as well as Jumping the Broom can be incorporated into your ceremony. Other meaningful, fun elements can also be included into your ceremony. Please ask, and I will be happy to discuss.