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With you in spirit on your wedding day – Special Person Memorial

On October 14, 2016, I had the pleasure of marrying two very special people, Aaron and Justine. And now they are celebrating six months as husband and wife. Time sure flies!

From the moment I met Aaron and Justine, I could see what a special couple they are. Both are happy, friendly, and very much in love. As we prepared for their special day, Justine shared with me that she was finding it difficult to plan her wedding since her mom had passed away in recent years. As my mom had recently passed away, I could understand how difficult it was for Justine to plan one of the biggest days of her life without her mother. This story tugged at my heart.

As we planned the ceremony, I asked Justine if she wanted a Special Person Memorial.  Justine told me she would have pictures of her mom and Aaron’s dad on a small table near where they would be saying their vows.  As we talked, I suggested that we include a mention of them in the ceremony. Then Aaron and Justine could place a rose near each picture to honor them. Justine was concerned about the emotion it would stir in her. I promised that this part of the ceremony would be meaningful but quick so we could celebrate their marriage. She agreed, and that special part of the ceremony was beautiful. It was a quick moment of emotion, then we moved on to celebrate the love she has for her husband.

As I look back on their ceremony, I reflect on why I love officiating weddings. True love is beautiful, and I have the pleasure of following this wonderful couple on Facebook. They have fun, laugh together, and also, Aaron continues to support his wife’s dedication to Tom Brady and the Patriots as he promised.

If you have a special person that will be with you in spirit on your wedding day, consider a special moment in the ceremony. Just make sure your officiant keeps the ceremony upbeat to celebrate the miracle of love and marriage.