Wedding Blog – You have planned the Wedding but have you planned the Marriage?


contactMarriage Planning – What happens after the honeymoon?

Yes, your wedding day is one of the most cherished memories you will have to last a lifetime. Now the big day is over and you are spending time reminiscing and relaxing with your new spouse.

As you settle into your home as a married couple, it is tempting to put your gifts away, return to your careers and hobbies, and be happy in your bliss. Many couples never plan for what comes next. Have you and your spouse discussed some of the important questions you will face in the years ahead?

Wedding ceremonies held in a religious setting may require attending ‘pre-marital counseling’ sessions. However, many couples say “I do” outside of a place of worship. Consequently, this step is often missed. I once attended a pre-marital counseling group session and I was surprised to hear a couple argue about if and how many children they each wanted. This made me sad since it was less than one month before their wedding.

You and your spouse will not agree on everything, that is the reality. However, you should understand each other’s hopes, dreams, and expectations. I am amazed at how many couples I have known through the years that have serious disagreements about major life choices; children, careers, money, family. And if the marriage survived, there were definitely some tough times.


Planning your Marriage

You and your spouse are building a foundation for your future family. Whether it is just the two of you or a family of ten, it is important that the foundation is strong. Before you purchase that last item for your wedding, consider investing in your future. A Certified Family Mediator is a neutral third party who is trained to help you navigate this very important conversation. It could be the best pre-wedding money you spend.